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Find and Infuse Your Purpose



Purpose Coach


Purpose Infused Coaching's mission is to help schools, administrators, teachers, and men find/enhance their purpose and to infuse that purpose into everything they do. 

I help schools, administrators, and teachers evolve into the new age of education by helping them to define their purpose so that they can effectively and efficiently provide the best learning environment for students to own themselves, love their story, and live with purpose. 

I help men who are in life saying "this isn't what it was supposed to be" define their purpose so that they can wake up every day with excitement and the energy to live the life they were meant to live.


"People don't care what you know, until they know that you care.”

John C Maxwell

In the Classroom
Rugby Players


For schools, administrators, and teachers looking to find their purpose to enhance the learning environments they provide!


For professional men who have that inner burning that there is more to them as a man, in their career, and for their life!




I was very uncertain about my view, focus and purpose in life. It wasn’t until I first met with Clayton, to sit down over breakfast, that I realized the importance of self, love and care. He has a true gift to mentor and bring you to a level you never knew you had within your own self. I would highly recommend Clayton for finding your purpose and continuing your journey as a individual, professional and human being.

James Sparks
York, PA
Man, Husband, Father, Procurement Manager/Buyer